Roster Optimizer

How is this useful?

Personalized insight into the right teams and positions for you to stream or trade for

  • Check back whenever making streaming or sitting decisions
  • Double Click (or select "empty slot" on mobile) to remove a team from your roster
  • Setting Spots for a position to 0 will hide all visible elements for that position
  • If you are in a F/D/G league, simply treat C as F slot and hide the LW/RW by setting Nightly starts to 0
RosterYour own fantasy team; made up of players from several real-world teams
PositionA real-world position, often C (center), D (defence), LW, RW (Left/Right Wing) and G (goalie)
SpotsHow many players of a position does your league allow you to have
StartsHow many players of a position can be active each night. When exceeding this number, players are "Benched"
BenchA player who plays a real-world game, but their points do not contribute to your league
Multi-eligibleA player who can be started under more than one roster position, commonly C/W or C/LW/RW for example.
UTILUtility spots allow you to start a player of any position
  1. Set number of starts/spots per night, per position for your league
  2. **fill the Spots with teams on your current roster (ex: Leon Draisaitl is an Edmonton Oiler)
  3. Set the position eligibility of each team you add (ex: Leon Draisaitl has Center and Wing eligibility)
  4. Use the Recommended section to asses how many starts a player from that position and team would add to your roster this week
  5. Scrub to other weeks to assess fit in upcoming weeks
** Drag and drop on Desktop, or click each roster slot on mobile

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