Release Notes

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  • Navbar now has hamburger instead of list of tools. Should help Mobile users
  • Some love for our mobile users; better resizing and layouts


  • Custom icons for Divisions for much better readability, especially for colorblindness
  • Updated team icons for more uniformity
  • Added a column for cumulative L10 rank of remaining weekly games as 'EZ'. This is meant as a measure of schedule difficulty


  • Added a tutorial to Schedule Tool
  • Added more info into the legend on Schedule Tool


  • Added a Standings tool
  • Added several other weight options onto the Trade Tool (still in Alpha)
  • Added icons for teams and divisions on several table-based tools
  • Added W/L result to Schedule tool when games have been played
  • Fixed header on Schedule now scrolls with the viewport so you can see which day of the week is which (Thanks Luke for the feedback!)


  • Added a trade tool for alpha testing


  • Use today's date to discount past games on Overnights and Roster Optimizer by default, providing better contextual data as the week progresses
  • Added Remaining Games as visible data to Roster Optimizer


  • Emergency patch to fail-forward; backing away from using a subdomain for data for now


  • Some backend work to avoid issues with slightly different URLs and weird React-side proxying during dev
  • Added a table of detected Postponed games. TODO still; can we detect moved/rescheduled when NHL shuffles games?


  • All tools have updated schedule/standings data every hour automagically


  • Reduce external traffic by caching API calls server-side


  • Updated schedule with 3 more postponed games Feb 2 and Feb 4 Pitts/NJD and Feb 6 NJ NYR


  • Added GF and GA as exposed information on the Gameday page
  • Added tutorial to Gameday page
  • Major backend refactor to make schedule updates less error-prone
  • Fixed an issue with Schedule Synergy where totals were resulting as 0


  • Added Gameday page for an overview of team stats and games scheduled today
  • Updated schedule as of 2021-01-31


  • Fixed an issue with the Roster Optimizers' week picker not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the interactive tutorials not working for offline users


  • Added an interactive tutorial for Roster Optimizer


  • Added Active/Benched/Total Games as a summary on Roster Optimizer
  • Updated schedule with latest NHL news 2021-01-26


  • Schedule Fairness/Overview tool now uses schedule data for tracking, rather than static snapshot from the start of season
  • Schedule Synergy tool now uses schedule data for tracking, rather than static snapshot from the start of season
  • Schedule Fairness/Overview tool now filters games already played
  • Schedule Synergy tool now filters games already played
  • Schedule Fairness/Overview tool now allows you to configure the high-pass Score filter for the heatmap visualization
  • Updated Roster Optimizer copy to try and help new users acclimate without help


  • Fixed an issue when using more than 9 Roster spots the team from spot 1 would be populated to 10-19, 2 to 20-29


  • Added roster slot configurability for Roster Optimizer


  • Updated schedules based on latest news 2021-01-20 with two games postponed


  • Reduced the Optimizer minimum forecast games to one.
  • Fixed a bug where under some circumstances the offnight highlighting would show previous week
  • Added an Info popup for reading the Roster Optimizer Summary Tables as a stopgap for the current, terrible UX
  • Updated schedules based on latest news


  • Added offline support for less data use when the site has not changed
  • Fixed an RO issue with overestimating added starts due to a bad filter operation


  • Added expandable Recommendations to see all teams in order for Roster Optimizer
  • Added greyscale icons for benched teams on Roster Optimizer if no eligible roster spot found
  • Updated Offnights tool color highlighting to be more color-blind friendly
  • Fixed weekly tools (Offnights, Roster Optimizer) to set the current week automatically
  • Fixed all icons on the site are now higher quality and have a proper transparent background for better scaling/legibility
  • Updated schedules based on latest news
  • Fixed the discord link at the bottom of all pages


  • Added Offnights highlighting back to Weekly Offnights tool
  • Added a legend for the icons and style of Offnights table


  • Major visual overhaul of Offnights tool for color-blindness and visual-impaired
  • Offnights tool now highlights best and worst schedules by Games Played
  • Offnights tool now shows all games in full-color, using greyscale when the day is disabled for score/games calculations


  • Added dirty hacks to show Postponed games on Offnights. Will do a beauty pass soon!
  • Updated Game and Hexgame data to reflect some postponed games


  • Added icons to table headers to clarify hidden Sort and Filter functionality
  • Fixed some copy on the Overview page including clarifying the tips, moving the warning, and fixing spelling issues


  • Fixed all teams seen as tired in offnights
  • Moved Goalie slot to below wingers for better legibility on Roster Optimizer


  • Roster Optimizer now has Goalie position
  • Roster Optimizer now allows you to configure forecast window
  • Roster Optimizer now saves your roster and slot preferences in a cookie
  • Roster Optimizer now offers a sharable link so you can send a friend a roster without messing up their cookie roster


  • Fixed calculation of bumpable and multi-eligible slots in Roster Optimizer for better recommendations


  • Updated the schedule data to reflect some games shuffled by the NHL since this site was last updated
  • Fixed an issue with Offnights where games in the Monday column sometimes did not render due to a MomentJS bug


  • Added a popup menu for mobile users to set roster teams more easily in Roster Optimizer
  • Fixed layout of Roster Optimizer, especially for mobile users
  • Updated the header and page links to make better use of the space
  • Updated headers on Roster Optimizer for more human-readability


  • Initial Release of the Roster Optimizer tool rewritten with React
  • Fixed an issue where schedule lookup could be inaccurate due to momentjs weirdness
  • Added back the ability to sort Weekly Offnights based on games, score and games
  • Added back the ability to filter days out of Weekly Offnights Score/Games


  • Addition of information on landing page/About
  • Added this Release Notes page to help provide visibility on changes to the site
  • Adjusted the site copy used for clarity of terms/purpose, now that the site is stand-alone
  • Added BuyMeACoffee, so people can support the page and offset hosting and dev fees
  • Added Google Analytics to help inform which tools are most useful/visited
  • Fixed several cases where style would not be as expected
  • Fixed some react-incompatible handling of DOM carried over from static pages


  • Initial Release of Weekly Offnights Tool
  • Initial Release of Schedule Overview Tool
  • Initial Release of Team Schedule Synergy
  • Addition of Release Notes link in the footer of all pages